Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to Verify a Joomla 1.6.x Website with Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer and Alexa


This article describes how to verify your website with Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer and Alexa, while using the Meta Tags verification method.

Downloading the latest Version

You can download it at the Link below.

Download v1.0 for Joomla 1.6.x:


Here is an example of a Joomla 1.6 Website that is using the meta tags:

Let your browser display the source code to see the <meta... entries. (Ctrl+U Windows, Command+Alt+U Mac)

Installation for Joomla 1.6

1. Download the Plugin from the Link above.

2. Go to your Joomla Admin area.

3. Go to Extensions > Extensions Manager.

4. Under Install, go to Upload Package File and click "Choose File".

5. After selecting from your harddrive, click "Upload File & Install".

6. Go into the Plugin under Extensions > Plug-in Manager.

7. Find the Plugin name System - J-Webmaster Verify and open it.

8. Enable the Plugin. Enter the verification codes of the accounts you want to verify.

9. Save and you are done.

Get the required Verification Code, Example for Google Webmaster Tools

To be able to use Google Webmaster Tools you need an Google Account, if you have a Google Mail address your are good to go.

1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools Homepage

2. Click "Add a site..." and enter the URL

3. Select "Alternate Methods"

4. Select "Add a meta tag to your site's home page"

5. Copy the part that is in between the quotes after content.

6. Paste the string into the Plugin in your Joomla 1.6 backend under Google Key.

7. Done

The other verifications should be similar.
Let me know if you have any problems or questions.


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