Tuesday, December 11, 2012

FleamarkAd.com - Buy and Sell to Friends via Facebook

I am involved in a cool project that just launched - FleamarkAd.com. FleamarkAd is a classified Ads platform that completely integrates with Facebook. To signup and post ads you only need a Facebook account. Through your settings you have the option to share the Ad to only certain friends on Facebook, to a certain Facebook group or as well to everybody on the Internet.

Going through Facebook with your account and exposing certain offers only to certain people adds a certain trust to your products. On the other hand you know exactly who you are dealing with when selling or buying. Right now until January 31st 2013 there is contest to win one of two iPhone 5 for people that join or like the app. Additionally there is a cool feature that allows you to print your ads so that you can put them up on boards in your School etc.