Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Checkout the all new Hattrick iPhone App - HT-SmartViewer

Earlier this year the Lite version was released and now there is Full version of the HT-SmartViewer. The App is written for iPhone it does work on iPad as well though.

The App is still free of charge and comes with tons of new stuff. Below are links to the articles that write about the features.

1. HT-SmartViewer The Home Screen/Social Media
2. HT-SmartViewer League Infos Feature
3. HT-SmartViewer Match Data Feature
4. HT-SmartViewer Match Stats Feature

The App Homepage is here: HT-SmartViewer Home. The App can be downloaded directly from the Apple AppStore here: HT-SmartViewer in the AppStore.

Based on user feedback and our own ideas the App will be extendend with new modules like conference, team and youth team infos, national team etc.


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