Saturday, October 30, 2010

A free and customizable full width blogger template

Here my first design of a full width blogger template. The background that shows up on the sides of the template is blue and the content area is white. The layout of the blogspot theme has the articles on the left and the space for widgets on the right side.

Also most of the text and the links are dark blue or black as you can see in the screenshot. The picture in the header doesn't come with the template, but you are able to upload your own picture and display the blog title and a description in the header area as displayed further below.

Terms of Use

Using this blogspot theme is free of charge. Anybody can use or change the template as long as the copyright link stays in the footer of the template.

Download the template

Here is the download link of the full width free customizable blogger template:

How to install the blogger template and backup your old template?

1. Go to when you are logged in to your blogger account.
2. In the Dashboard under manage blogs find your according blog (in case you have more than one).
3. Click on "Design"
4. Click on "Edit HTML"
5. Click on "Download Full Template" to backup your current template.
6. Click on "Choose File" to select the full-width-template.xml file on your hard drive.
7. Click on "Upload" to upload the template.
8. In case you have widgets on the blog that are missing in this template a Warning will show up. Click "Keep Widgets" to add the missing widgets.

And you are finished.

Upload a header image and add blog title and description to the heading.

To upload a header image to the template you can repeat steps 1. to 3. above and then click on "Page Elements".

Here you see the layout of the template. Click at the header on "Edit". A window pops up that lets you upload an image. If you have already an image there and you want to changes, click on "Remove Image".

If your image contains all the Text you want in the header area select under Placement "Instead of title and description". If you want to add a title and or description select "Behind title and description". Then make sure you have enter the text you want to show up later in the header area above in the "Title" and "Description" field.

Customize text, link and background colors of the full width blogger template

Repeat step 1. to 4. and scroll down in the "Edit Template" area to the "Variable definitions" section. Here you can change the value parameter of variables like the background color or links. After you have saved the changes you can review them on the blog.


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